Eco-friendly air conditioner

Eco-friendly Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner, model Whynter ARC-110WD 11,000 Btu

This mobile, dual-hose device is perfect for removing ambient warmth and also humidity from small spaces as well as changing it with cool, clean air.

Created for eco-efficiency, the ARC-110WD is CFC complimentary with R-410A refrigerant and also lead complimentary for RoHS conformity.

The compact device includes a self-evaporative system for managing condensation, an easy-to-install dual hose venting system, and 4 functional settings: cooling, fan just, dehumidifying, and also auto.

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Eco-Friendly Solution to Everyday Air Conditioning
The eco-friendly ARC-110WD is CFC complimentary and made for marginal power intake. This efficient air conditioner utilizes ozone-safe R-410A refrigerant as well as lead-free, RoHS-compliant components.

Cools Small Rooms with Clean, Fresh Air
With 11,000 Btus, this compact-yet-robust system cools rooms approximately 350 square feet with ordinary ambient room conditions. Use it in smaller interior rooms, such as bedrooms, classrooms, and garages or workshops.

Transports Easily from Room to Room
Equipped with 4 multidirectional casters, the system can be quickly rolled between spaces without being raised or carried. The mobile, portable system gauges 30.5 by 17.3 by 15.4 inches (H x W x D).

Self-Evaporative System Controls Condensation
The self-evaporating system produces great, clean air by lessening condensation as well as recycling wetness attracted during the cooling procedure. The system prevents excess condensation from building up under typical ambient conditions, making the system ideal for continual, everyday usage.

Dual Hose Exhaust for Optimal Airflow as well as Efficiency
To cool your space effectively, the ARC-110WD attracts cozy air from both the inside and outside environment and also converts it into cool, clean air. Cozy, humid air is after that eliminated from the space with the exhaust hose pipe. Similar to typical home window ac unit, this dual system creates enhanced air movement as well as efficient air conditioning.

Four Operational Modes for Versatile Use
The system uses 4 modes to pick from: cooling, evaporating, follower, and also automated. Cooling mode cools down and dehumidifies the space. To evaporate without air conditioning, pick the dehumidifying choice. Automatic mode selects cooling down or fan-only procedure when ambient space temperature level gets to 85 levels F. To distribute air in the area choose fan setting, with 4 follower rates to select from.

The device has an evaporating capability of 81 pints per day and a flexible digital thermostat variety of 61 degrees F to 89 degrees F.

Non-Permanent, Easy-to-Install Venting Kit
The easy-install set includes a window slide bar that suits conventional windows approximately 47 inches wide. The slide bar readjusts up and down or flat. The package also consists of two extendable exhaust hose pipes (as much as 47 inches) with connectors for protecting the pipes to the device and the window slide bar.

The ARC-110WD is designed for non-permanent venting via a window, though it can be customized modified to suit wall surface openings or went down ceilings.

Basic Control Panel and also Convenient Remote
The push-button control features an LCD display as well as easy selections, consisting of four operational modes, up/down temperature level modifications, fan rates, and also swing feature to adjust the louvers as well as direct air flow. Program the device to activate or turn off at pre-programmed times with the 24-hour timer.

Cleanable Pre-filter as well as Activated Carbon Filter
The washable pre-filter eliminates large particles such as dust, pet dog hair, as well as dander. The triggered carbon filter is developed to get rid of smoke as well as other smells. The triggered carbon filter ought to be changed every two to three months.

Furnished with Auto-Restart as well as Safety Features
Throughout power interruptions, the auto-restart feature will immediately reboot the unit at its previous setting. This device is likewise supplied with a Leakage Current Detection as well as Interruption (LCDI) plug, which reduces the threat of fire as a result of arcing faults in the power supply cord.